There are many beautiful stories hidden behind every cup of coffee. For most people, a cup of coffee is to start a new day full of excitement. But for others, coffee is the bridge that brings people together. Whichever way you choose to enjoy your coffe, there is a truth: every good cup of coffee has the power to give positive meanings to life. At GUDELI, we believe we all deserve a great cup of coffee every day.


We persistently pursue the mission of making quality coffee cups for anyone to enjoy, inspiring to make each day to be more fulfilling.


GUDELI coffee was born and flourished with the mission of never changing.
Together prestigious brands bring clean coffee to every person who loves coffee in Vietnam. By exploiting Dalat coffee source –the 2nd best coffee in the world according to the purely organic technology, GUDELI coffee has been
bringing to the domestic and foreign markets coffee cups can not refuse,
carpentry from flavored to the style of GUDELI.


GUDELI offers a diverse product portfolio to meet all needs, every taste of Vietnamese people, from instant coffee, instant coffee and filter coffee. Whatever you are planning, what’s the mood, there will always be a suitable coffee to make your day meaningful to every monent. GUDELI is the coffee brand for everyone, easy to find, easy to drink, so you to have a good cup of coffee easily amidst the chaos of life.

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