Where is instant coffee processing (OEM/ODM)?

Gu Viet Limited company is coffee manufacturers in vietnam …. We receives the leading prestige instant coffee production and processing in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. With many years of experience in producing and processing instant coffee in Viet Nam as well as for export, went through many outsourcing contracts, Gu Viet Company wants a long-term sustainable cooperation, develop together on the successful path of partner

Instant coffee production equipment

Modern machinery and equipment for oem instant coffee

Gu Viet’s average running capacity is 100,000 sticks a day. Committed to complete large value orders with delivery time as in the contract. In addition, we can support units that do not have packaging, do not know the export procedures, do not know how to ship…. Just partners wants to cooperate, surrounding problems, Gu Viet company will have the best solution.

instant coffee
instant coffee

Meet the high requirements of partners to receive processing production of instant coffee

Operating for many years in the field of coffee production, cooperation with domestic and foreign companies. From small establishments to large corporations. Experience in handling product quality issues, transportation of goods, export, processing … lessons that money can’t buy. Gu Viet Company handles the difficulties of all partners in the best way. If partners does not know the standards or regulations of domestic or export trade, feel free to talk to us

Good quotation when receiving processing and production of instant coffee

Please rest assured when partners ask about processing costs, Gu Viet is always been one of the leading companies in the cost of processing instant coffee. Depending on the quantity, depending on the requirements, depending on the way of transaction method, processing fees will vary. Gu Viet company will not quote if the partner’s information is not know, this will reduce our reputation.

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